‘M3GAN,’ the next generation of creepy doll movies, is not playing around

CNN — The lifelike but blank stare. The almost-but-not-quite accurate proportions. The vacant smile. Dolls are meant to be nothing more than playthings for children, but it must be said: They’re creepy. Fodder for more than one successful horror movie franchise (hello, “Child’s Play” and “Annabelle”), the theme appears ready for an upgrade with the … Read more

AMC Entertainment stock falls to 52-week low

The AMC 25 Theaters in Times Square in New York is seen on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. Richard Levine | Corbis News | Getty Images AMC Entertainment hit a new 52-week low Wednesday as the movie theater company contends with a massive debt load, dilution of its stock and a film release schedule short on … Read more