Bold & Beautiful Recap: Taylor Must Decide Whether to Stop Her Wedding to Ridge

In Douglas’ bedroom, Taylor doesn’t understand what’s going on, but nothing is going to ruin this day. Thomas assures her that he and Steffy will worry about their little thing and she can focus on her special day. Steffy snaps, “Nice try, Thomas, but mom needs to know what you’ve done.” Taylor looks disappointed and … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Bill Consoles Brooke After Asking Katie to Reconcile

In the Aspen house, Taylor and Steffy laugh at Ridge’s tale involving the pine cone. Steffy’s just glad it brought him to her senses and back to her mom. She wishes Thomas were here. She and Taylor decide to call him as Ridge’s mind drifts elsewhere. On the jet back to Los Angeles, a tear-stained … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Sheila Watches as Deacon Meets Nikki Newman

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas intones, “I’m serious, Brooke. Keep it up,” while holding the apple-cutting knife. Brooke thinks it sounds like a threat. Thomas promises she’ll never interfere with his father’s life or family ever again. More: B&B star takes cute son for a ride At the cliff house, Taylor and Ridge are in … Read more

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 26 – 30, 2022

Better brush up on your math skills, because loyalties are getting divided and subdivided in’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, September 26, through Friday, September 30. Not only does a Thomas/Brooke face-off pull Ridge in two directions, but questions about Douglas’ future leave Hope and her mom seeing less … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Brooke Makes Deacon Leave Her Home as Ridge Arrives With Taylor

On the Forrester jet, Finn, Steffy and Taylor laugh as Finn says the kids are asleep and Ridge is pinned under them, also asleep. As Steffy and Finn kiss, Taylor enthuses that she is so happy — this is a milestone for their family! As the flight continues, Taylor relives the kiss with Ridge in … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Steffy and Finn are Reunited in Monte Carlo Outside a Church

In Monaco, Finn rushes down the steps to a woman he believes to be Steffy, but the woman is not her and is quickly joined by her protective boyfriend and ushered away. More: We suspected this B&B fake-out In their hotel suite, Taylor and Ridge enthuse about Finn being reunited with the kids — the … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Finn is Reunited with Taylor, Ridge, Kelly and Hayes

At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Eric and Thomas are stunned as Liam and Hope give them the news that Finn is alive. He’s been through hell, but he’s very much alive. They all beam excitedly. Hope and Liam explain they haven’t been able to get a hold of Steffy or Taylor and Ridge to let them … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Alludes the Police as Mike Hits Li Over the Head

At the house where Finn was being held by Sheila, he and Li share an emotional reunion. Finn marvels that his mother dele is alive, and Li tells him nothing would stop her from coming back to him. Sheila flips out. “How the hell did you survive that?!?” Back at Bill’s place, Liam smokes as … Read more