Lifetime Mission Statement | vision | Core Values ​​| Analysis

Company: lifetime
CEO: Bahram Akradi
Year founded:
Chanhassen, Minnesota
Ticker Symbol: LTH
market cap (July 2022): $2.8 Billion
Annual Revenue (2021):
$1.38 Billion
Profit | net income (2021): –$579 million

Products & Services: Lifetime is a chain of health clubs operating across the United States and Canada.
Competitors: Zumba fitness ǀ Hold Zumba ǀ Basic-Fit ǀ Anytime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness currently owns over 150 athletic country clubs with an average club size of 100,000 square feet.

Lifetime started its journey back in 1992, providing health and fitness facilities across the US and Canada. Now, Lifetime is a chain with 150+ athletic clubs, 75 brands, and over 500 pools and spas. Furthermore, the company has over 140 Life Cafes and 130 Life Spas.

Lifetime’s annual revenue reached $1.38 billion with a profit of -$579.37million.

The in-depth analysis of Lifetime’s mission statement, vision statement, and core values ​​in this review will make you understand the success of this health club’s giant.

Lifetime’s Mission Statement

“To provide an Entertaining, Educational, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.”

Lifetime’s Mission Statement Analysis

Lifetime has a mission statement that aims to offer fitness services while positively impacting the health and wellness of its members and employees. Here is a complete analysis of the statement.

  • Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality

Lifetime’s primary objective is to offer health services to the nation while embracing people from all various cultures and backgrounds. The company has a mission not only to recognize but also to elevate and empower different factions of the community, including women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+.

The idea is to support all communities to feel valued and equally accepted, heard, respected, and valued at all times.

  • Inspiring Health and Happiness

Lifetime has become the nation’s premier brand offering a healthy lifestyle. This chain of health clubs has already served millions of members across the country and has already reported more than a billion visits. The health assessments, seminars, and innovative collaborations with health insurance providers show Lifetime’s commitment to its mission statement.

This chain of health and fitness clubs also collaborates with different strategic partners to ensure that children across the country have access to education while staying healthy. That is one reason Lifetime has served over 264 million healthy school meals to date.

Unlike a traditional athletic resort, Lifetime is known for a service that is a notch higher. The brand has been committed to offering exceedingly great health club services along with athletic equipment, the latest technology, and a clean atmosphere.

The facilities Lifetime acquires are not limited to residential homes. The brand transforms its newly acquired facilities into resorts offering a lifestyle you will dream of.

Lifetime’s Vision Statement

“Lifetime helps organizations, communities and individuals achieve their total health objectives, athletic aspirations and fitness goals”

Lifetime’s vision is to offer unparalleled health and fitness services while continuously contributing and adapting its approach to accommodate the new factions. The company has been working relentlessly to bring innovative experiences and solutions to people’s lives, including women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC.

Lifetime’s Vision Statement Analysis

Here is a detailed analysis of Lifetime’s vision statement.

  • Committed to Health and Acceptance

Lifetime has a vision statement that shows its commitment to change and demonstrates a flexible approach to adapting the new along with the old. The company has always shown commitment to health and happiness. However, with progressing time, Lifetime has also been open-minded towards the new spectrums of society. The idea is to give 100% access to everyone in the community without any prejudice or bias.

  • Unmatched Athletic Lifestyles

Lifetime promotes fitness not as a means to an end, but as a lifestyle. This chain of health facilities has led by example when it comes to the unprecedented approach that made their business successful amongst US residents.

The company’s philosophy is offering an everyday routine that entails fitness, health, relationships, food, detox process, and environmental sustainability.

Lifetime’s Core Values

The company offering country health club experience to millions for over 40 years and has a solid belief in its core values. Lifetime acknowledges that the singular focus on its core values ​​and strong foundation helped the company shape up to where it stands today.

The seamless collaboration of Lifetime’s mission and vision statement has enabled it to grow and establish its brand image and identity as one of the top players in the industry. Lifetime operates on three core values, which are analyzed below.

1. Innovativeness

The company has always adapted to new ways to keep up with the demands of society. Therefore, Lifetime never shies away from experimenting with different approaches to add value to its employees’ and members’ lives.

2. Commitment to People

Lifetime’s rise to be recognized as one of the biggest athletic health clubs across the US and Canada is all due to its commitment to the community. The company has always been keen on helping people while realigning its stakeholders and employees to the ever-growing brand.

The historical facts and figures of the company do reflect that it was Lifetime’s founder who encouraged the innovative approach and prioritization of what the customers need. This is where Lifetime leads the industry by example.

3. Transparency and Honesty

Lifetime runs all its operations across the country with absolute honesty and transparency. This is one reason why the customers speak so highly of this brand and would trust it over any other competitor in the market. This idea to be as transparent as a brand can be about its operations and dealings that have helped Lifetime give birth to a brand identity that is sophisticated, modern, and highly interactive.

4. Sustainability

apart from its commitment to people, inclusion, diversity, and sophisticated operations, Lifetime is also committed to offering not just fitness but also a wholesome and fulfilling experience to its members. That is the reason why Lifetime is also committed to creating an environmental-friendly mindset.

For instance, the company has made progress in reducing the usage of single-use plastic bottles. This measure by the company will prevent the over 1.6 million plastic bottles disposed of in the oceans and landfills.

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