Kardashian critics think Kim & Khloe looks like ‘CORPSES’ after they spot ‘disturbing’ detail in unedited photos

KARDASHIAN critics are comparing Kim and Khloe to corpses after spotting a disturbing detail in raw unedited photos.

The Kardashian sisters are known for their eternal glam beauty, but some fans are saying you can spot someone’s real age in their hands.


Kim and Khloe Kardashian have been compared to corpses as critics spot alarming details in unedited photographsCredit: Getty
Critics are saying the Kardashians' true signs of aging can be spotted in their hands


Critics are saying the Kardashians’ true signs of aging can be spotted in their handsCredit: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

Kim, 41, once claimed she’d “eat poop to look young” and has been promoting her six-step skincare line.

However, one skeptic pointed out on social media that the Kardashians’ real age could be told by their hands.

A photo of Kim’s sister Khloe, 38, was shared online of her sitting in a car showing off her curves in a catsuit.

Although fans at the time were more distracted by her long and pale hands at the wheel.

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A photo of Kim wearing the Marilyn Monroe dress on the Met Gala red carpet was also shared online – but this time drew eyes to her hand.

A critic captioned the re-shared photos: “Why do people say the hands always give away your age? Here’s how.”

One fan responded: “Khloe and Kim look embalmed. It is disturbing.”

Another said: “There are fillers for that! Honestly, I’m shocked that Kim hasn’t gotten them.”

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A third posted: “Kim really didn’t think this through, her obsession with being skinny is now directly fueling her hand insecurity.”

Yet a fourth mentioned Kourtney, 43, the eldest Kardashian sister and commented: “Kourt has the best-looking hands but she’s also put on some IVF weight which has filled her out nicely in so many places. Her hands could definitely be one of them .”

The fifth slammed: “I’m just trying to figure out what the Hell happened to Khloe’s warlock claws.”


Khloe’s photo of her hand at the wheel went viral back in January.

In the Instagram photos, Khloe stunned in a tight gray jumpsuit from SKIMS as she posed both inside and outside of the car.

Alongside the photos, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote: “Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.”

While many fans complimented Khloe on her appearance, others couldn’t help but notice how “creepy” her hands looked in the photos.

KUWTK fans hit to Twitter to poke fun at her hands, as one person wrote: “Khloe Kardashian’s hands look like the hands of what I imagine lives under my bed and grabs my ankles in my sleep,”

Another admitted they had to do a double take, writing: “How many of you actually went back to the phone to double check if for real that’s her hands?”

A third chimed in: “Literally Photoshopped straight from Salem’s Lot!”

Poking fun at her current drama with baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 30, the following person wrote: “Those hands are the result of Tristan stress.”

An additional social media user wrote: “Her hands alone are 20 years older than she actually is.”

The backlash continued as another person wrote: “Anyone else get scared when they clicked on this pic? Or was it just me? I thought it was from a corpse in a funeral home. I was looking for the letters RIP.”


More recently, critics slammed on Khloe’s hand in pictures from her recent vacation with her daughter True, four.

In the series of shots, True piggybacks on her mom while the pair pose in the waist-deep tropical waters.

The Good American founder wore a camouflage print swimsuit while True sported a pink and white one-piece bathing suit.

Khloe captioned the post: “Me and my best girl making the best memories. I will forever have your back, my angel girl.”

Although one photo, in particular, garnered the attention of some eagle-eyed Kardashian fans.

Fans took up an issue with Khloe’s long false nails attached to her thin fingers.

One person commented: “She looks beautiful and True is a doll, but Khloe’s Nosferatu hands kill me every time. It’s all my eyes can focus on. It’s time to change up those nails.”

Another fan simply wrote: “They look like chicken feet.”

More fans agreed, as one person added: “No kidding! They give me serious chicken feet vibes.”

Another commented: “I really wish she would get rid of those nails. Her hands constantly look like chicken feet.”

The Poultry Podiatry Comparisons continued to flood the comment thread.

A fan posted: “No, I won’t stop talking about the hands.”

Another chimed in: “The first [picture] looks so weird… scary witch claws.”

A third added: “Someone said chicken feet and I cannot unsee it.”


As for Kim, fans came up with a theory as to why the fashion icon always covers up her hands with gloves and full-body suits.

Fans have claimed it’s because Kim – who admitted she gets Botox – doesn’t want to show any signs of aging on her hands.

One wrote: “Is she wearing gloves because her hands show her real age?”

Another agreed and said: “My hands look a decade older than the rest of my body. I’m gonna have to take a page out of Kim’s book with the gloves.”

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The third posted: “One tiny part of her body actually looks her age.

“There’s nothing wrong with looking 40 anyway btw, it’s just as the rest of her looks so much younger than her age.”

Fans were shocked to see signs of aging in the Kardashian sisters' hands


Fans were shocked to see signs of aging in the Kardashian sisters’ handsCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Khloe has previously been slammed for her fingernail extensions on her long hands


Khloe has previously been slammed for her fingernail extensions on her long handsCredit: Instagram/@khloekardashian
Fans think Kim covers her hands with gloves often to hide the signs of aging


Fans think Kim covers her hands with gloves often to hide the signs of agingCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

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