Edge Of History Is About Montezuma’s Gold

Most details regarding National Treasure: Edge Of History’s plot are unknown, but its teaser trailer hints that the show is about Montezuma’s Gold.

Several details in National Treasure: Edge Of History‘s teaser trailer suggests that the show revolves around Montezuma’s Gold. Starring Nicolas Cage, the National Treasure movies span all across the globe and take viewers on a rollercoaster ride through historical references and thrilling over-the-top action scenes. Although the films may not be as critically acclaimed as genre classics like Indiana Jonesthey are memorable popcorn flicks worthy of multiple viewings nonetheless.

National Treasure: Edge of History Focuses on a 20-year-old Dreamer, Jess Morales, who sets out on an adventure to explore her strange family history. While on it, she teams up with her friends to find a lost — but not forgotten — historical treasure. The series features Lisette Olivera as Jess alongside other younger cast members such as Zuri Reed, Antonio Cipriano, Jordan Rodrigues, and Jake Austin Walker, among others. While Nicolas Cage’s return is not confirmed in National Treasure: Edge of Historyit is speculated he may yet make a cameo or two in the series.


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Many stills from the National Treasure: Edge of History teaser and behind-the-scenes trailer point toward its narrative toward the mysterious Montezuma’s Treasure. The teaser begins with a series of flashes that reveal artifacts — including Benjamin Franklin’s ocular device — from the original National Treasure movies. One flash briefly shows a note that has “Polite” and “1519” written on it, which seems to be a clear nod to Hernan Cortes, who led the Spanish invasion of the city of the Mexica (Aztecs) in 1519 and stole Emperor Montezuma’s gold.

Where is Montezuma’s Gold?

Aztecs Reference from National Treasure Edge of History

The National Treasure reboot is incomplete without Nicolas Cage, but the show’s intriguing historical callbacks may yet make up for his absence. Hernan Cortes’ attack on the Aztecs is still such a pored-over historical event partly because the exact whereabouts of Montezuma’s stolen gold are still mysterious. When the Spanish decided to secretly flee Tenochtitlán with Montezuma’s loot, the locals revolted and forced them to shed their plunder into Lake Texcoco. Since then, little has been known about the treasure and its location. While some theories claim it never left Mexico, more recent ideas suggest the treasure may be in Utah. Over the years, Utah’s Paiute tribe has told legends of men entering the Grand Canyon with heaps of gold but leaving from the south rim empty-handed. While there is still no concrete evidence to prove that Montezuma’s gold is hidden anywhere in Utah, it does come in tandem with the franchise’s central “National Treasure” theme and serves as an interesting baseline for National Treasure: Edge of History‘s storyline.

A fleeting scene in National Treasure: Edge of History‘s behind-the-scenes trailer also shows one of the characters reading about cut conch shells worn by Aztec priests. This further nails down the idea that the show has something to do with Aztec history and Montezuma’s lost gold. Not to mention, National Treasure: Edge of History‘s partial filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico (via KRQE), is another telltale sign of its allusions to the 1519 historical event – setting up yet another fascinating adventure for the franchise.

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