Diane Keaton Spills Details on Why She Has Dated So Many of Her Co-Stars

diane Keaton is sitting in the rooftop bar of one Rome’s most exclusive hotels. She is offered a glass of water but she wrinkles her nose. “I think we’ll have a real drink,” says the 76-year-old Oscar-winner before two glasses of Lillet, a French aperitif, arrive at the table.

As we clink our glasses in a toast, she admires the panoramic view of the Eternal City. The Venetian Palace looms to the left, Vatican City to the right. “It’s just the most beautiful place,” says Keaton, who’s in the Italian capital to shoot the sequel Book Club 2: The Next Chapterwhich reunites her with co-stars Candice Bergen, Jane fondant and Mary Steenburgen.


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