5 Foods I Almost Never Eat, and Some Healthy Swaps

Cardiologist Harmony Reynolds said she almost never eats foods like potato chips and snack cakes. She opts for healthy swaps like popcorn or fruit, and enjoys less healthy treats like bacon in moderation. Research suggests processed foods increase the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease. Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access … Read more

President Biden pardons this year’s turkeys, Chocolate and Chip

Comment on this story Comment The turkeys weren’t taking questions. Moments after President Biden pardoned Chocolate and Chip, two hefty gobblers from a couple states south, they let out loud, ecstasy-filled gobbles that resounded throughout the Rose Garden ceremony — but declined to make further comment. Theirs were not the only animal cries punctuating Monday’s … Read more

Restaurant sales are going up. But dining out is on the decline

new York CNN Business 🇧🇷 Chain restaurants have been reporting growing sales in the third quarter. But more sales don’t mean more customers. In fact, industry watchers are reporting that foot traffic to restaurants has been dropping in recent months. That’s because as inflation eats into consumers’ budgets, many have been cutting back on their … Read more

4 Dietitian-Approved Stew Recipes For Weight Loss Over 50

The key to healthy weight loss over 50 is by creating a balanced diet (with ample protein and fiber), exercising regularly, and not overdoing it. With that said, we checked in with dietitians, nutritionists and other health experts to learn more about essential nutrients your body needs for not only healthy aging, but in order … Read more

Children illegally hired for graveyard shifts cleaning JBS meat plants, feds say

Children are working dangerous jobs at JBS meat processing plants in Minnesota and Nebraska, illegally hired for overnight shifts and tasks that left a 13-year-old with caustic chemical burns, federal officials say. The US Department of Labor this week asked a federal court to issue a nationwide restraining order against the world’s largest meat processing … Read more

Downtown Greenville restaurant will close

A downtown Greenville restaurant will permanently close its doors this weekend after decades in business, according to the owner.Addy Sulley, owner of Addy’s Dutch Café and Restaurant at 17 E. Coffee St., posted “the sad news” to Facebook Tuesday.” We’ll be open for a limited time this week for those who would like to come … Read more